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lowest price Safe Trade

We've been in this business over six years, with safe auction delivery and face to face transfer, we always guarantee you receive safe wow gold without risk.

fast delivery Anti-SPAM

Lootdude will NEVER SPAM INGAME FOR SALE, we know ingame sensitive words using like buy WOW gold, WOW gold sites domains will be tracked by Blizzard and endanger you account.

profession gold service Real Fast

Most face to face delivery orders will be completed in 18 mins when payment confirmed. Auction House buyout delivery will be delivered in 30 minutes. Check our FAQ for further information.

wow gold promotion VIP Program

Register as member, we'll record every order and provide best service, once order total hits certain amount, you'll get exclusive disount, please read VIP Program

Home > News > Why Choose LootDude.com over SusanExpress.com?
Why Choose LootDude.com over SusanExpress.com?

SusanExpress.com is very famous because you can see their advertisement in every conor of WoW, their sellers spam you ingame every minutes and FYI, Blizzard indeed will scan your ingame chatlog at first if they think your activities are suspicious. Every buyer who cares about quality services should choose a more reliable vendor: lootdude.com


1. Reliable Pay Method


LootDude.com always support Paypal method.


If you pay attention to susanexpress' checkout page, you can find Susanexpress don't support Paypal. Paypal is the most popular pay method in the world, it's widely-recognized in North America.  Paypal is loved by buyers because it's a consumer-protection pay method, it protects efficiently from being scammed or ripped off.


Why Susanexpress give up Paypal? Let's see the pay methods which Susan support,  1, Alipay, this is a pay method from China, and they don't handle disputes very well. 2, Western Union: It is like you deposit some money in other's debit card, do you think it's safe? They can even not deliver you order and you can't do anything. 3, Paysafecard: commission is ridiculous high and you need to pay it. 4. Cashu and Yandex, one for Arabian and another for Russian.


2. No Ingame SPAM


You'll NEVER receive any ingame SPAM, Ads or whisper comes from LootDude, we NEVER SPAM you ingame for sale, we will ONLY contact you ingame during order delivery or when there is an emergency, we won't endanger your account by using sensitive words during ingame chat. Please be aware, our clients come from search engine and clients affiliate.


3. Safe Delivery

Susanexpress: mainly support face to face delivery, for some small amount orders, they even mail the gold to you which is highly dangerous.
LootDude: Face to face delivery and Auction buyout delivery, we don't support ingame mail way to deliver gold because it's not safe.


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