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Buy Cheapest Vial of the Sands on Line from

Vial of the Sands is an awesome flying mount, and very practical one. It allows you to transform into a dragon and carry an ally on your back. A lot players want to have it, but it’s hard to craft and the real cash price for this mount on some sites is steep, most of wow gold sites sell it for $59.99-$79.99. LootDude sells the cheapest vial of the sands only for $14.99, you can buy vial of the sands cheap here. 


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US Markets Chart (last updated: 07/04/2012)

This chart shows the current market price of Vial of the Sands on US realms.


The prices are along the vertical axis, while the realms are spread out by total auction house size along the horizontal axis.


Darker points represent greater available quantities. Mouse over a point to see detailed information about that realm, and you can click a point to go to that realm's page for Vial of the Sands.

buy vial of the sands on line





This is LootDude Team’s most up to date list of requirements for the Vial of the Sands,

This alchemy vial teaches your character to be able to morph into a Sandstone Drake - a fast mount capable of carrying one passenger.


First thing is you need 525 Alchemy (although its not required to loot the recipe from the Canopic jar).


The Recipe: Vial of the Sands is obtained through Archeology. It is contained in the Tol'Vir Common artifact Canopic Jar.

You will need 450 Archeology to find Tol'Vir artifacts and they are found in Uldum only.


The Sand and Pyrium Laced Vial are purchased from a Vendor named Yasmin in Uldum. She is located at the top left corner of the "T" shaped lake in the North West of Uldum.


•1 x Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial (5000g buy price)

•8 x Sands of Time (750g sell-price x 4 = 3000g buy-price)

===== 3000 each x 8 = 24,000g

•12 x Truegold

===== (3 x Pyrium bars) x 12 = 36 Pyrium bar

========== (2 x Pyrite Ore) x 36 = 72 Pyrite Ore

===== (10 x Volatile Air) x 12 = 120 Volatile Air

===== (10 x Volatile Fire) x 12 = 120 Volatile Fire

===== (10 x Volatile Water) x 12 = 120 Volatile Water

•8 x Flask of the Winds

===== (8 x Volatile Life) x 8 = 64 Volatile Life

===== (8x Azshara’s Veil) x 8 = 64 Azshara’s Veil

===== (8x Whiptail) x 8 = 64 Whiptail

===== (1 x Crystal Vial) x 8 = 8 Crystal Vial

•8 x Flask of Titanic Strength

===== (8x Volatile Life) x 8 = 64 Volatile Life

===== (8x Cinderbloom) x 8 = 64 Cinderbloom

===== (8x Whiptail) x 8 = 64 Whiptail

===== (1 x Crystal Vial) x 8 = 8 Crystal Vial

•8 x Deepstone OilDeepstone Oil

===== (1 x Albino Cavefish) x (4 to 8) = 8




•72 Pyrite Ore

•120 Volatile Air

•120 Volatile Fire

•120 Volatile Water

•128 Volatile Life **

•64 Azshara’s Veil **

•64 Cinderbloom **

•128 Whiptail **

•16 Crystal Vial **

•4-8 Albino Cavefish


**Note - If you are an elixir master it may not cost you this much of the material based on the number of elixir master procs you get.

Click here to order vial of the sands $14.99!

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