Buying WoW ShadowLands Gold via Auction Guide

1, Auction Items (Must Be Purple Weapons, Gears or Rare Pets)

You can use your own epic items(Must be gears, weapons or rare pets), if you have none, please buy items below from AH.

Lava Bolt Crossbow
Soul Blade
Chelley’s Sterilized Scalpel
Obsidium Cleaver
Ranseur of Hatred

For more suitable items, click ‘Livehelp’ button on the page.

2, Set Buyout Prices for Each Item

Auction house cut 5% gold as tax, we will cover it, input numbers in the first 2 boxes below, then click the 3rd box, it will generate how much buyout for each item. Always set Duration max

3, Return to Checkout Page and Fill Order Form

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