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WoW TBC Guide

WoW Classic Seasonal Auction Delivery Guide

Auction house buyout delivery is simple. 1, Please use suggested items and prices in below generator to set up auctions on ingame auction house. 2, Please input your auction item name in Auction Plan box on checkout page

WoW Classic Gold Research

About LootDude Blog We start this blog in order to help WoW gold buyers especially newcomers, most of them know little about how to buy wow gold classic without being caught. We research wow classic gold in several important aspects (such as delivery method, farming process, possible tracking mechanism), and alert readers if there’s potential […]

Buying WoW ShadowLands Gold via Auction Guide

1, Auction Items (Must Be Purple Weapons, Gears or Rare Pets) You can use your own epic items(Must be gears, weapons or rare pets), if you have none, please buy items below from AH. Lava Bolt CrossbowSoul BladeChelley’s Sterilized ScalpelObsidium CleaverRanseur of HatredScaleslicer For more suitable items, click ‘Livehelp’ button on the page. 2, Set […]

Buying WoW Classic Gold via Auction Procedure

1, Auction Items (Blue or Purple Recommended) You can use your own rare/epic quality items, if you have none, please buy items below from AH. Cheap Epic Items: Nexus Crystal Click ‘Livehelp‘ button on the page if you need support, we’re 24*7 2, Set Buyout Prices for Each Item Auction house cut 5% gold as […]

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