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How Can I Buy WoW Gold Without Getting Caught by Blizzard?

    Will my account get banned or terminated for buying wow gold 4.3? How to avoid being banned? It’s frequently asked by players who plan to buy gold for the first time. To be honest, the chance of account banned is very low, but some players’ gold is indeed taken away by blizzard if […]

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How to Choose A Reliable WoW Gold Site?

There’re thousands of WoW Gold selling sites in the internet, how can you choose the one you can place orders with confidence and without getting scammed or fooled? Useful Tips: Make sure it’s a safe site before you visit. Norton safe web search is a good tool, link: Google the site address and check […]

, , Recommend You To Buy WoW Gold through Auction House

    Currently, there’re three delivery methods for gold buyers. 1. In-Game Mail (Dangerous, Not Recommend) This method was popular during TBC era, back to then, the inflation didn’t show; gold purchased amount was small. But since WoW updated to Patch 2.1.3, it made a change about mail system, gold delivered by mail started to […]

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Where to Buy Legit WoW Gold Farmed By Pure Hand Work

Legit gold is obtained with hands from ways below. 1. Farmed by average gold farmers. Usually, they level up the gold making professions such Mining to 525, collect raw producing materials most of the day, and send them to auction or trade to others for gold. 2. Raiding Teams Sell Raid For Gold Gold companies […]


Buy Gold from A Professional WoW Gold Site.

You’ll find out whether the site is professional when in-game service talk to you. in-game service is professional as always. LootDude service will always act as a normal player to chat with you in order to protect your safety. LootDude in-game service will never use the words or phrase like gold, buy wow gold, […]

Who Is Farming WoW Gold In China?

I’m an employee of, my job is farming gold, I’m the so called gold farmer :). A lot of gold buyers keep asking me the same questions: who is farming wow gold for us in China? is it safe to buy wow gold from you guys? is your site a reliable wow gold site? […]